Simone Bruni: From Losing It All in Hurricane Katina to Dominating Her Industry as a Demo Diva

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By Demolition Marketing Leads

This marks a monumental episode for our podcast with our first-ever female demolition owner on the show and we couldn’t be more excited! Simone shares her fascinating story of leaving the hospitality industry in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This gave her the epiphany that heavy equipment is her calling, a real way to help her community.

She entrusted her faith and incredible sense of cost-effective, frankly brilliant marketing to grow a thought into an empire. Simone drops countless knowledge nuggets that any demo firm big or small could utilize to better their own business. Give her soon-to-be-renewed website a look at plus her team is available just one call away at 504-486-4121 for any immediate needs.

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