Chaz Briggs: Construction Entrepreneur Turned Demolition Man, How to Build a Demo Firm From A to Z

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By Demolition Marketing Leads

Chaz puts it all out there regarding the demolition business and what it’s taken to get his firm and his own business maturation to where it is now. He chronicles his various endeavors in the construction business throughout the country all culminating to the operation he now runs these days with his constantly evolving demolition business in Maine.

We learn some really great wisdom regarding marketing online to getting reviews consistently with some cool inside scoop approaches that he’s developed over the years. Chaz keeps things transparent and fun throughout our interview touching on the good stuff in the demo industry and the obstacles that you must overcome. He now stands on top of things still hungry to grow even after his years of success.

To reach Chaz or his office be sure to visit: or give them a call via 207-894-8282. If you’d like feel free to email him at today.

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